• Notice 2020/02/17 【Event Cancel】 Techbookfest 8 Sponsoring and exhibiting as “Arch Research”
  • HR 2020/02/03 Scenario Writer Yoichi Kato new Member of the Board
  • Media Exposure/Lecture 2020/01/23 Participating the Event “Growth of Japan’s Screen Production Industry” on Thursday, February 6
  • Notice 2020/01/08 ARCH participates in Establishing and Managing the Animation Company Yostar Pictures
  • HR 2019/12/27 CEO Hirasawa new Managing Director of YAMATOWORKS
  • HR 2019/12/25 (Second Round) Recruiting Intern for job starting in fiscal year 2021
  • Media Exposure/Lecture 2019/12/18 Cooperating with NHK Documentary “Tokyo Miracle”
  • HR 2019/11/29 (First Round) Recruiting Intern for Job starting in Fiscal Year 2021
  • Media Exposure/Lecture 2019/10/17 Interview published on “CNET Japan”
  • Notice 2019/10/10 【Event Cancel】 Talk and Booth at Machi Asobi Vol. 23