A New "Arch" to a New Generation

Arch Inc. is an IP planning and production company founded with the hopes of becoming a gate to a new era for all those involved in relative industries of IP productions.

Up until now, a majority of anime production and game production companies have made their works only after receiving an order from a client. Of course, works that originate from the studios themselves do exist, but they are few and far between.

As the years continue to pass the number of people whose lives revolve around the internet and versatile smart technology increases, it will become very difficult to live up to the consumer’s expectations with just things like anime and video games based solely on their ability to draw in users. The lifestyles and interests of consumers are constantly changing, and while they will willingly jump into the “cycle” a single game or other property has to offer, their time within that cycle is getting shorter and shorter.

New ways to combat these changes are needed, and that’s where we come in. The word “Arch” represents connecting one point to another, but we plan to have our doors open to a variety of different forms of media. We are working to make entertainment businesses like anime, games, manga, and illustrations even more commonplace in modern society.

Of course, in order to be a proper arch, we need people to walk though. In order to do this, we aim to become an organization that is able to serve as a cultural bridge to regions and people not yet connected to this industry.

We use the connections, information, and experience we have cultivated in our past work in order to create systems that connect with consumers on a deeper level, not just for new works, but for works that already exist as well.

Sometimes we might make a plan to sell a novel as a tie-in as promotion for an anime. Sometimes we might team up with a company that has never been involved in anime production to make one together. We aim to become an organization that uses all methods and forms of media to challenge the entertainment business in an unprecedented way.

What we want to become is a new arch for companies and creators in and outside of Japan, and be a bridge to connect them and their stories and characters to consumers around the world. This is why we decided to call our company “Arch.”

Please look forward to what Arch has in store.