CEO Hirasawa new President and Representative Director of Graphinica

CEO Nao Hirasawa will be appointed the new President and Representative Director of the animation studio Graphinica, Inc. (hereafter Graphinica), effective April 1, 2020. He has been Managing Director since April 2019. As President, he will contribute to the further growth of the company and related industries in recognition of his responsibilities and role as part of the management of Graphinica – a major company providing animation and post-production.
At the same time, current employee and producer Tetsushi Suzuki will be appointed as President and Representative Director of Arch Inc. Hirasawa will become Representative Director.

About Graphinica

Founded in 2009 as a motion picture studio as a member of the Memory-tech group, which has been expanding its business in contents industry, the studio is producing various kinds of visual arts, not only 2D/3D animation but also many other genres such as games, amusement equipment screen movies, live-action filming, music videos, CM, Web and so on.
As a comprehensive digital studio Graphinica accomplishes high quality at each section in the production line: including drawing, finishing, color designing, color specification, color inspection, designing, VFX, editing, and 3DCG. Commissioned projects, as well as prime contract projects with original planning and development are part of the business as well.

【Main Work of Graphinica】
・Cinema Animation 「Expelled from Paradise」 Animation Production (2014)
・TV Animation 「Juni Taisen: Zodiac War」 Animation Production (2017)
・Cinema Animation 「HELLO WORLD」 Animation Production (2019)
・TV Animation 「SSSS.GRIDMAN」 3DCG / Composition / Editing and more (2018)
・Cinema Animation 「Girls und Panzer」 3DCG / Composition / Editing (2019) and more

About Tetsushi Suzuki

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Report about changes of the Representative Director and President (2020/03/19)