ARCH participates in Establishing and Managing the Animation Company Yostar Pictures

Yostar Inc. (hereinafter “Yostar”) founded the new animation company Yostar Pictures Inc. (hereinafter “Yostar Pictures”). Arch Inc. (hereinafter “ARCH”) participates in establishing and managing this company.

About the Establishing and Managing

Yostar is known for creating many smartphone app games such as “Azur Lane”. It is a games operating company creating IP contents, so the expansion to animation business for their IP contents is part of the IP strategies. The new company Yostar Pictures was founded to create animation matching the needs of Yostar.
ARCH, as a producing company, has the expertise to establish companies strategically, in terms of animation production and creation, strategic planning and mounting. ARCH supported Yostar Pictures by investment, product and strategy planning and mounting.
Implementing the strategies of Yostar to create attractive animation – this is what ARCH offers its know-how about animation production and creation as well as its network to the fullest for. This is how we support the management of Yostar Pictures.

About Yostar Pictures

Yostar Picture’s representative director is Yostar’s CEO Hengda Li. Yostar Pictures is an animation company with planning, production and creation of animation as main business. Its business also contains pre-production functions such as planning and development and composing production committees.
Board members of this creative studio are Albacrow LLC Ryosuke Inagaki (Production Manager “Kiznaiver”, Animation Producer “When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace” etc.) and animation supervisor Kengo Saito (“PROMARE Galo-hen”, “SSSS.GRIDMAN”, etc.), with whom Yostar Pictures establishes creative force to create motion picture actively integrating digital technology.

ARCH participates in Establishing and Managing the Animation Company Yostar Pictures (2020/01/08)