【For Students】 Recruiting Summer Intern (August – September)

We recruit students graduating after 2021 for intern.
We will provide experience at the forefront of Anime-Industry! Experience the work of a Producer with CEO Hirasawa.
Please contact us if you are interested in this business, especially in the work of a producer.

【Internship information】
1. Intern duration: 7th August (Wed) – 17th September (Tue)
In the above period, each intern will get 2 weeks.

① 7th August (Wed) – 20th August (Tue)
② 21st August (Wed) – 3rd September (Tue)
③ 4th September (Wed) – 17th September (Tue)

2. Responsibilities and duties: Assisting the CEO, producer jobs.
3. Job title: Assistant producer
4. Compensation: 1100 Yen/hour
Please check “Intern Recruitment” for further information.


  1. Application period: 2019/07/05 (Fri) – 08/02 (Fri)
  2. How to apply: Use the application form below during the application period.
  3. Caution: Selection will be based on the submitted tasks.

For details please check the “Intern Recruitment” form for further information.

【Internship Recruitment】
Please read carefully before applying.

【Internship Recruitment form】
Please use the form below. (Deadline: 8/2 18:00 submitted)