Techbookfest 6 Sponsoring and exhibiting as “Arch Research”

Arch Inc. is sponsoring Techbookfest 6 held on 2019/4/14 as Bronze Sponsor. We will exhibit as “Arch Research” and release “Animation Technology 2019 Spring”, a book about technology supporting Anime. (Booth No. か77)

We launched our research site “Arch Research”. Information about Techbookfest 6 will be announced there.

[What is Techbookfest?]
Techbookfest is a festival for engineers, where they can read the latest news about innovation and technology. Arch Inc. supports this event since Techbookfest 5. We are honored to be chosen as exhibitors.

[What is Arch Research?]
Human-computer interaction, Global research, Third place are the three visions of Arch Inc.’s development team. Check the details on our website: