(Second Round) Recruiting Intern for job starting in fiscal year 2021

We recruit interns to select new employees for 2021.
  1. Experience the work of a producer by accompanying our producers.

  2. This internship is meant to select new employees for 2021/4.
    In case both sides agree, you might receive a job offer.
    People interested in our company are kindly asked to apply for this internship, because we will only provide interview based job offers if there are not enough interns.

  3. This internship will be held four times until April 2020.
    Recruitment will be announced each time, so people not participating this time can still apply next time.
  【Internship information】                 
   1. Intern duration: 22nd January (Wed) – 18th February (Tue)
   2. Responsibilities and duties: accompanying and experiencing producer jobs, auxiliary, group work
   3. Job title: Assistant producer
   4. Compensation: 1100 Yen/hour
   For details please check the “Details on Internship” form.

   1. Application period: 2019/12/27 – 2020/01/08 18:00
   2. How to apply: Use the application form below during the application period.
   3. Caution: Selection will be based on the submitted tasks.
   For details please check the “Details on Internship” form.

【Details on Internship】 (Japanese)
Please read carefully before applying.

【Intern Application Form】 (Japanese)
Please use the form below.